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Welcome to playengine the home of Kick Scooters, Skateboards & Skateboard Helmets. We have a large range of kids scooters, kick scooters, folding scooters, skateboards and skateboard helmets suitable for all ages!

Our folding metal scooters for kids are the perfect seasonal gift or birthday present which is bound to bring a smile to any kids. The kick scooters are perfect for performing cool stunts and tricks to show off to your kids friends! Check out our full range of folding, metal, kick scooters for kids now!

Concerned about safety? Check out our full range of skateboard helmets which are resistant to any impact when you come off your kick scooter or skateboard.

We also have an exclusive Ripboard Skateboard which has premium bearings, high quality trucks and fantastic grip tape, the double-tail design allows you to perform cool tricks such as the Ollie or Kickflip! Check out our full range of skateboards & kids skateboards

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